Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the many water-based activities in Moreton Island. Stand up paddle boarding or paddle surfing involves balancing on a board over water and moving around at a desirable pace with the help of a paddle. Stand up paddle boarding on Moreton Island is mostly done during the day under the hot sun and clear blue skies.

Stand up paddle boarding on Moreton Island is fun and well appreciated by visitors that love water-based activities. On Moreton Island, stand up paddle boarding can be enjoyed individually or as a group. Being a very physically demanding activity, stand up paddle boarding is a great way to maintain general fitness body fitness as it offers strength and balance exercises.


The boards can be hired on the island at pocket-friendly prices. The cost of hiring paddle boards varies depending on the time that will be spent paddle boarding. Most paddleboard owners hire out the boards in three packages: one-hour hire, three-hour hire, and sunset tours. The average cost for a one-hour hire is $35 while that of a three-hour hire is $50. The sunset tour costs about $96 per person.

The sunset tour takes approximately 90 minutes and involves a minimum of four people on a stand-up paddleboard exploring the wrecks in Tangalooma in the evening as the sun sets. The evening tour provides an opportunity for the paddlers to view a variety of marine species including turtles, wobbegongs and over 200 species of reef fish.

There are no age restrictions for engaging in this activity in Moreton Island except for infants and very elderly people. However, small children between 12 and 16 years need to be accompanied by an adult while paddling. Since it’s a water-based activity, folks are advised to have very light clothes on, preferably swimsuits.

Sunscreen and goggles are also important while out on the water because of the hot sun above. For safety, people are required to disclose any injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, and diseases that might affect their ability to participate in or might be aggravated by participating in the activity.

Map of Moreton Island

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