Moreton Island Camping
Where is the best place to camp on Moreton Island?

Where to camp on Moreton Island? Moreton Island has some of the most beautiful camping grounds in Queensland. There are five campgrounds on the island with limited creature comforts and a number of camp zones for visitors looking for a bush experience.

You must purchase a camping permit before arriving but when it comes to choosing a site, it’s first come first serve!

The campgrounds on Moreton Island are as follows: The Wrecks, Ben-Ewa, Comboyuro Point, North Point, and Blue Lagoon. Each campground features long drop toilets and cold showers.

Visitors must purchase camping permits online with the Queensland National Parks booking service or in person at an off-island booking office before arriving on Moreton Island as there is no self-registration at the campsites.

Camping tags must be printed or picked up at an off-island booking office and displayed somewhere visible at all times for patrolling rangers.

The cost is $6.35 per person or $25.40 per family. The Queensland Department of National Parks recommends booking at least six weeks in advance during peak periods such as school holidays.

Campfires on Moreton Island

Fires are permitted on the island, outside of fire ban periods. However, collecting wood on the island is prohibited so be sure to bring your own untreated wood if you plan on having a camp fire or purchase some in Bulwer. Check with the Queensland Fire Department for fire bans before arriving.

Moreton Island Campgrounds

North Point campground is the northern most campground on Moreton Island and can only be accessed by 4wd. It is located just steps from the surf beach and is within easy walking distance of Honeymoon Bay and Champagne Pools.

The campground offers 17 grassy sites, many of which are shaded- a handful of them are suitable for trailers.

No rubbish bins are provided at this site so be sure to bring any garbage with you.

Comboyuro Point is one of Moreton Island’s most popular campgrounds. It holds nearly 50 campsites and is walking distance from the town of Bulwer.

It is located next to one of the islands main 4WD arteries so there is easy access to many of the islands main attractions.

As well as being close to sheltered bays on the Western side of the island which are suitable for swimming. Rubbish bins and portable waste disposal systems are available at this campground.

Like Comboyuro, Ben-Ewa campground is located on the Western side of the island and close to many of Moreton Bay’s sheltered swimming areas.

The 12 shady campsites at Ben-Ewa are set within a valley, so they are sheltered from the wind. A few offer views of the beach. The campground is located just 5 minutes from the MICAT ferry port, so this site is great for caravans and those pulling trailers.

The Wrecks campground is a unique walk-in only campground- no vehicles or trailers are permitted into the campground.

There are 21 well-defined tent sites available. The MICAT ferry port is just a 5-minute walk away. As the name would suggest, the campground is located next to the Wrecks- a fabulous snorkeling site.

Finally, the Blue Lagoon campground is located on the eastern side of the island close to the surf beach and walking distance to the Blue Lagoon lake. There are 25 grassy and sandy sites available. The campground can only be accessed by 4wd and the closest supply stop is 30 minutes away in Bulwer.

Moreton Island Camping Zones

The camp zones are in divided in north-west, north-east, south-west, south-east, and Yellow Patch camping zones. Yellow Patch covers the area between North Point and Heath Island. Each zone offers a slightly different experience.

The western side has many secluded sheltered bays, while the east is exposed and much more wild. Be mindful of tides when exploring these camp zones.

There are no facilitates in these camp zones so ensure you bring plentiful supplies including enough drinking water. Generators are permitted between the hours of 8am to 7pm daily.

Whichever camping experience you chose, you will no doubt be immersed in the beauty of Moreton Island.

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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