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  • Fact: Is Moreton Island the largest sand island? No, but it is the third largest sand island in the world,
  • Fact: Moreton Island is located on the Eastern side of Moreton Bay along the coast of South East Queensland.
  • Fact: The Island is located 58 kilometers and a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane which is Queensland’s capital.
  • Fact: From Gold Coast via Brisbane, the Island is about 101 kilometers.

How do you get to Moreton Island?

The fact is, getting to Moreton is very easy and affordable. Visitors can access the island via a vehicle ferry service at the Port of Brisbane that is operated by the Moreton Island Adventures MICAT or via the ferry from Redcliffe for those close to Moreton Bay.

Visitors can also access Moreton Island using the Tangalooma Island Resort’s passenger ferries that operate from the Brisbane River at Holt St Pinkenba.

Moreton Island aerial

Those with private boats can also access the Island at the comfort of their own vessels.

Tangalooma Island Resort also offers helicopter Transfers from Brisbane to Tangalooma.

Is there accommodation on Moreton Island?

Visitors to Moreton Island can enjoy a variety of affordable accommodation in resorts and campsites within the Island. Moreton Island accommodation ranges from cabins, holiday houses, beachfront houses, and suits.

Some of the renowned places that offer accommodation within Moreton Island include The Tangalooma Island Resort, Villa 21 Tangalooma, The Jetty at Cowan Cowan, Moreton Island Wilderness Camp, Kookaburra Lodge Hotel, and The Dolph Inn.

Visitors coming to Moreton Island can also enjoy a wide range of land and water based activities that take place during the day and even in the night.

Some of the most appreciated land activities in Moreton Island include desert safaris, segway tours, day trips, and bike rides.

Water-based activities include snorkeling, boat cruises, parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and boat rides.

Other fun activities to engage in while at Moreton Island include dolphin viewing and feeding, whale watching, and swimming.

How big is Moreton Island?

Moreton Island stretches to a length of about 37 kilometers and a width of about 13 kilometers and covers an area of approximately 186 square kilometers.

The highest point in Moreton Island is Mount Tempest which is about 280 m (920 ft) high.

What places can you visit at Moreton Island?

There are a lot of fascinating places that one can visit on Moreton Island.

They include: The Moreton Island Lighthouse, The Blue Lagoon, Champagne Pools, Dolphin Lake, Honeymoon Bay, Mount Tempest, Kooringal, Tangalooma Wrecks, the Desert, Harper’s Rock, Moreton Island National Park, Moreton Bay Marine Park, and the Moreton Island beaches which consist of Cowan Cowan Beach, Bulwer Beach, Northern Beaches, Eastern Surfside, and the Tangalooma Beach.

Champagne Pools

Where can people eat at Moreton Island?

In Moreton Island, there are many restaurants and food joints that provide a variety of cuisines and delicacies for the visitors visiting the Island.

They include Fire restaurant, Castaways Restaurant, The Tangalooma Island Resort, The Beach Café, The Gutter Bar, and the B&B bar amongst many others.

What is the weather like on Moreton Island?

There is a sub-tropical climate in Moreton Island all year round which provides a conducive environment for travel. The average temperature on the island during the warmer months (November to March) is 28 degrees Celsius while the average temperature during winter (May to July) is 20 degrees Celsius.

The period between May and October is generally dry, and there is a considerable amount of sunshine throughout the island.

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Map of Moreton Island

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