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Snorkeling in Moreton Island

The ideal place for snorkeling, the Tangalooma wrecks in Moreton Island are located at Tangalooma, just north of the Tangalooma Island Resort. The wrecks are from a cluster of ships that were scuttled by the Queensland government between 1963 and 1984 to provide a safe anchorage for amusement boat owners from the eastern Moreton bayside.

The Tangalooma wrecks consist of 15 sunken vessels, and each wreck is named. The names include UKI, Bream, Seal, Dolphin, Morwong, Echeneis, Groper, Stingaree, Kookaburra, Bermagui, Maryborough, Iceberg, Remora, Platypus II, and Pelican.

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Coral has formed overtime in and around the wrecks providing habitat for over 100 species of fish and once in a while even dolphins, dugongs, and wobbegongs. The wrecks have since become a major tourist attraction site within Moreton Island. Visitors engage in snorkeling activities to explore the marine life and the sunken wrecks underneath.

Snorkelers can bring their gear or hire equipment at resorts and dive shops found within the Island. Folks that wish to use hired equipment will also be provided with a boat ride to the wrecks and have experienced divers as guides to guide them throughout the snorkeling experience. Snorkelers also have the option of hiring sea scooters that will help them navigate to greater depths faster.

Getting to the Tangalooma Wrecks is easy and moderately cheap. Visitors can use the passenger ferries that operate four times a day from Brisbane to Tangalooma which is a 75-minute cruise. The wrecks can also be accessed via helicopter transfers from Brisbane to the Tangalooma Island Resort. Private boat owners can also access the wrecks at the comfort of their vessels.

For safety, visitors to the wrecks are advised to be careful when swimming as a strong current sweeps between the wrecks and the beach when the tide is running. Also, since the Tangalooma wrecks are on an unpatrolled beach, there are no lifesavers on duty. There are also a large number of boats and jet skies passing through between the wrecks, and the beachfront and visitors are advised to be careful when swimming.

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Snorkeling is a very physically demanding activity, and visitors are encouraged to disclose to the tour guides of any pre-existing health condition, injury, disability or disease that may pose a health or safety risk or could be aggravated by participating in such activities.

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