Explore Moreton Island's little towns!

The towns on Moreton Island radiate with a unique vibe and although there are not many things to do, your batteries will be recharged entirely after a visit!

This tiny sand island located on the east coast in Queensland, just off-shore from Brisbane, became very attractive as it’s a home to endless sandy beaches, pristine waters, diverse local culture, crystal clear lakes and much more.

Moreton Island is a sand island that is just about 25 kilometers off Brisbane’s shore, and it’s recognized as the third largest sand island in the whole world!

The good connectivity with the coast, solid location and many natural wonders including crystal clear lakes, a vast national park, sand dunes, mystical shipwrecks are just few of the things that make Moreton island one of the most attractive islands of the east Australian coast.

No matter if you’re an adventurous soul or simply looking for the retreat island to relax, Moreton island has it all! You can pitch your tent anywhere and wake up with stunning views, or you can book a luxurious beach stay at one of four Moreton island towns.

The Town of Bulwer

Bulwer is a tiny town located on the northwest shore of Moreton Island and the majority of travelers set their feet in this town while visiting an island. A town has a port that connects mainland, so that’s the reason many travelers visit this town first.

There are not many things to do in the town itself, but a liquor store, few cafes, and restaurants will keep you filled. Many resorts find its home in Bulwer which makes the town very attractive for families or people who simply want to relax from a busy lifestyle.

You can watch sunsets from Moreton Bay, enjoy the stunning sandy beach, explore the national park surrounding the town, or even try snorkeling in clear waters exploring the iconic shipwrecks. The options are endless and one is for sure – Bulwer won’t make you bored!

Cowan Cowan

Cowan Cowan is another tiny town that’s located a bit southern from Bulwer, more specifically about 7 kilometers south following the stunning sandy coast. The town doesn’t have any official stores, but amazing resorts provide with food and drinks, so no need for worry.

During the WW2, the town was the major military base which gives you an option to explore a heritage from the war and learn about the history of island.

The traffic around Cowan is close to non-existent and the beach has the policy of no vehicles around which makes it the perfect location for families or people who’re looking for a peaceful retreat.

Adventurers can check an official Northwest Camping zone that provides you with stunning sunsets over a golden coast or simply head inland to explore wild rivers and biodiversity of National Park.


Kooringal is a tiny town located on the southern coast of Moreton Island and while its location makes it a bit far away from other towns, Kooringal itself has a diverse offer to the visitors.

Few holiday houses provide extraordinary service, but also, the town is the home of famous Gutter Bar where you can enjoy in local seafood, drinks, and stunning views.

The town is known for oyster farms and many travelers have only the best words about the food including oyster delicacies. The secluded location of a town has its benefits since the connectivity to the eastern side of the island is relatively good so you can explore a totally untouched nature and pristine beaches along the east coast.

Also, Little Sandhills, the sand dunes are near where adventurers find its place since you can book ATV rides that are so fun!


Tangalooma is the resort town in Moreton island located on the west coast little bit southern from Cowan Cowan.

Around the town, there are several beach houses and resorts on the beach differing in the price and services, so you have the option to pick what suits your preferences.

Wrecks on Moreton Island

There is a boat connection from the mainland which started to make this town an attractive destination for families. Tangalooma is minutes away from sand dunes and you can smoothly go there following an iconic road through National Park.

Adventurers will find Tangalooma as their place on the island since snorkeling is very popular, especially around Tangalooma wrecks little bit north from the town. The Wrecks camping site is around in the forest so you can set up your tent while exploring the shipwrecks and wander about marine life.

Now you have four most attractive places in Moreton island that will fill your soul with adventure or simply recharge your batteries. It’s time to explore the beauty this tiny sandy island has to offer!

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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