Blue Lagoon
Information about Blue Lagoon on Moreton Island.

Blue Lagoon is located on Moreton Island along the coast of South East Queensland on the eastern side of Moreton Bay. Blue Lagoon is one of the places that visitors will get to enjoy while touring this beautiful Island. Its a 42 hectare freshwater lake on an island that is surrounded by salt water.

Blue Lagoon is brown in color but has clear waters.

Discover Blue Lagoon

The most interesting thing and unique about this lake is that it’s not fed by freshwater rivers or streams, but it gets its water from underground water tables. This is possible due to the sandy soil that forms the surface of the blue lagoon. The lake has an estimated 2-5 thousand million cubic meters of water. The water is of high quality that the locals even use it for home use.

Blue Lagoon has a lot of life with a host of dragonflies, damselflies, caddis flies, algae, shrimp and crayfish for those who love that are enthusiast about these features of nature. Visitors can also find shellfish in the sand, where shellfish attract the oystercatcher bird which they can also to see.

Blue lagoon birds

Other than being one of the best bird watching hubs in the area, blue lagoon is also a great swimming destination for families and backpackers both local and international visitors. This is because of Blue Lagoons shallow waters that make it safe for swimming.

Another activity that visitors can engage in is camping on the beach of Blue Lagoon. The sites are medium-large, and most of them have shade. The camping grounds are easily accessible by 4wd and on foot as well. Those who prefer by foot are required to be experienced bushwalkers. It is a challenging terrain, but it’s worth the hike if one is up to the task, it might take up to a day before you reach your destination.

The reason it’s important to be accompanied or be an experienced bushwalker is that some areas of the island don’t have mobile reception or internet. It is important to make sure that you have the proper equipment for such a walk.

There is ample parking at the campsite and the site is suitable for tent camping and camper trailers. The campsite located between Middle Road and Cape Moreton comes highly recommended for those who visit Blue Lagoon.

The reason for 4wd vehicles is the sand on the island is soft and cars might sometimes get stuck. Tangalooma Island Resort offers packages that will make sure visitors will have the best experiences as they tour Moreton Island, especially Blue Lagoon.

Tours are organized by Tangalooma Island Resort and they offer affordable accommodations for visitors who choose to stay in the hotel and not near Blue Lagoon.

There are a variety of options of high quality that one can picks from. These include units, hotel rooms, villas, and apartments each with a beautiful view of the national park and its gardens. Almost all the rooms have ocean views. The resort also offers houses with the best views of Moreton Bay.

Blue Lagoon is the best site for picnicking, swimming, bird watching, and you will get to see shellfish.

The Island can be accessed by ferry, barge or boats which run daily for both vehicles and passengers. It is about 40km off the shores of Brisbane. The fact that the island is a national park makes it a popular destination for nature enthusiast where they tourist can take part in different activities such as camping, four-wheel driving, ferry ride, recreational angling, and whale watching.

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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