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There's so much to see and do on Moreton Island

There is so much to explore on the third largest sand island in the world; Moreton Island. The island boasts spectacular scenery with breathtaking attractions and a destination for camping, four wheel driving among other fun activities. Below are just some of the must-see highlights.

Blue Lagoon

Although it is surrounded by salty ocean water, Moreton Island has 42 hectares of fresh water known as the Blue Lagoon that feels up from an underground fresh water table.

Blue Lagoon features a unique species of flora and fauna including damselflies, dragonflies, shrimp, crayfish and the Oystercatcher bird. Because of its fresh water, Blue Lagoon is also a great swimming and bird watching location for families, couples and tourists.

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

A visit to Moreton Island may be considered incomplete if you don’t get a chance to visit the Cape Moreton Lighthouse.

Explore the Cape Moreton Lighthouse

It was the first ever lighthouse in Queensland built and lit in 1857 and is located on the Northern part of Moreton Island.

The lighthouse stands 23 meters tall and is painted red and white. It is a popular tourist destination among those visiting Moreton Island. The iconic location of the lighthouse also gives visitors the chance to witness the annual whale migration that takes place between June and October.

Champagne Pools

On the North Eastern point of the Moreton Island are the great Champagne Pools.

Champagne Pools On Moreton Island

The pools get the name from the ‘champagne’ effect that seems to take place when the ocean waves hit sandstone and volcanic break walls forming water bubbles and foam.

As a result, a pool builds on the inside parts of the rocks thus creating an excellent swimming point. Also, the furious ocean waves crashing on rocks fashion a great photo-taking site.

Honeymoon Bay

The Honeymoon Bay is one of the many beaches in Moreton Island. It is located between the North Point and the rocky Cape Moreton. The 50-meter wide, half-moon shaped beach offer a deserted and fantastic place to hold picnics with friends and loved ones as you have a view of the open ocean waters.

It is also a perfect swimming spot as the water depth shallows at it nears the beach. Other Moreton Island’s beaches include the Eastern Surfside which is an incredible place to explore surfing, the Bulwer Beach which is often calm due to lesser wave interference, and the Cowan Cowan Beach which was once used as a bunker during World War II.

Mount Tempest

Ever heard of the world’s highest sand dune along the coast? Well, it is found right within Moreton Island. Mount Tempest is said to be at an altitude of about 285 meters above sea level. With the breathtaking view of the whole of Moreton Island from the top, Mount Tempest has over the years become one of the most frequented attractions within the Island.

It also has challenging and steep walks thus creating a conducive environment for hiking enthusiasts. It would take approximately two and a half hours to make a return trip.

Tangalooma Wrecks

For those that choose to explore Moreton Island, a trip to the Tangalooma Wrecks will be worth your while.

Aerial view of Tangalooma ship wrecks

The wrecks are from ships that were scuttled between 1963 and 1984 by the then Queensland Government.

The area is recognized for snorkeling activities as people want to explore the ship remains and enjoy the variety of coral reef and fish species underneath and inside the wrecks.

Moreton Island is located 58 kilometers and a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane which is Queensland’s capital. From Gold Coast via Brisbane, the island is about 101 kilometers.

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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