Honeymoon Bay
Explore Honeymoon Bay on Moreton Island

One of Cape Moreton’s most popular beaches is Honeymoon Bay. You may generally find peace and quiet on these beaches, which makes for excellent beachcombing. The bay makes for a terrific spot for a secluded picnic, so pack a basket and take your loved ones there for a pleasant surprise.

HoneymoonBay is a gift of nature, and well worth a visit. This paradise on earth is dominated by hidden rock outcrops, large waves of up to 1.5 meters high, rips, and yellow beach sand.

The bay is well hidden in a private setting making it a perfect destination for family picnics and honeymoon getaways as the name suggests.

Honeymoon Bay Moreton Island

The renowned Honeymoon Bay in Moreton Island is located between the southern part of North Point and the rocky Cape Moreton. The half-moon shaped Honeymoon Bay is about 50 meters wide and is backed by bluffs that are up to 15 meters high.

Of the four small pocket beaches near Cape Moreton, the bay is the most famous and frequently visited. The incredible scenery of Honeymoon Bay offers visitors a great photo-taking environment with the beach as the background.

Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the open ocean waters and relax in the cool and gentle breeze at Honeymoon bay.

The bay is easily accessible as it is about 2 kilometers and about 30 minutes walk from Cape Moreton by a road that passes through some campgrounds and onto a walking track that leads to the back side of the bay.

Visitors that wish to explore the bay are advised to wear sturdy shoes that will be comfortable in the sand, picnic baskets with snacks and drinks, and plenty of drinking water to consume while in the sun.

honeymoon bay

Honeymoon bay – a great place for photos

Take a picture of yourself with the ‘Honeymoon Bay Sign’ in the backdrop, and remember your trip to Moreton Island forever. For both local and foreign newlyweds, Honeymoon Bay is quickly becoming a favourite destination for their Honeymoon getaways!

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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