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There's so much to see and do on Moreton Island

Moreton Island is one of the the world’s hidden treasures, however it is a popular natural wonder in Queensland, Australia with all kinds of interesting experiences and things to do. Being the third largest sand island in the world, it is a lovely and exciting place to explore for vacations, camping or have an easy escape from your daily life for overnight or a weekend to have a real Moreton Island experience.

Explore the natural beauty and connect with nature or friends and family, learning about its interesting history or getting your adrenaline running. There’s quite a lot fun to get from Moreton Island.

Moreton Island beach in great weather

Snorkeling Wrecks

Snorkeling the Tangalooma  wrecks is one of the most popular experiences on Moreton Island. In 1963 in Moreton Island, fifteen vessels were deliberately sunk to create a breakwall for small boats stopping by the island. In this present years, the rusty ships have become a great attraction for snorkelers with plenty of coral, tropical fish and, if you’re lucky, and turtles.

Kayaking the wrecks by night

Explore Moreton Island by kayaking. You launch clear kayaks from the shore by night with Australian Sunset Safaris or you use a small boat powered by you.

In the dark, kayaking is a whole new experience with fish and curious turtles attracted to the bright LED strips that light your way.

night kayaking

Sand Tobogganing

Moreton Island is the third large sand Island in the world, and what other way to explore this feature than to have fun in those sands. With the abundance of sand, one of the best experiences on the island is to sand toboggan.

You climb to the top of big sand dunes, wax up a wooden board and launch yourself off the edge. This is real fun.

sand taboganning

Moreton Island Cruises

You can go on cruises that will enable you explore Moreton Island in search of dolphins, green sea turtles, dugongs, sea cucumbers, manta rays.

You get to know the history of soldiers that used there as a major coastal defense bases during the both World Wars and you see what remains of the history, which is a number of concrete bunkers, shelters and gun batteries throughout the island.

Desert Safari Experiences

Experience a Moreton island 4WD adventure in rugged 4WD “tough bus” as you travel the 4Wd tracks to the desert safari.

If you don’t have your own, you can rent one from the resort. This is a beautiful way of exploring Moreton Island apart from camping, snorkeling wrecks, sand tobogganing, and kayaking etc.

Parasailing in Moreton Island

What better way to enjoy Moreton Island than using a wing-shaped parachute to parasail? This gives you some 360 degree views of Moreton Island and Moreton bay.

People come over to Moreton Island and parasail and to keep an eye out for dugongs, turtles and dolphins as the water can be crystal clear.


ATV Quad Bikes Hire on Moreton Island

Explore Moreton Island by using Jump quad bikes. Tangalooma Island Resort in Moreton Island runs quad bike tours that will take you on the beach and over dunes for a thrilling adventure like no other.

Segway Tours on Moreton Island

Many people explore Moreton Island by using Segway personal transporter. With a friendly guide you enjoy the picturesque views with the stunning backdrop of Moreton Island.

segway tours

Camp, eat and drink on Moreton Island

Family and friends have Moreton Island experience by camping, eating and drinking. This includes tent (will be set up for you), sumptuous meals, snacks, drinks, all your camping permits and national packs fees.

They offer supply transfers and transport from the ferry to the campsites and return. This is a thrilling way to bond with your family and friends.

Moreton Island is a beautiful place to visit, just a short hop from Brisbane. Come and enjoy some of the many Moreton Island experiences and you won’t regret.


Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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