Day Tours From Brisbane
Day Tours Departing From Brisbane to Moreton Island

Moreton Island’s fortunate location (just 25 kilometers off Brisbane’s coast) makes it a very attractive destination to tourists who want to escape the busy and fast-paced life of Brisbane and take a day trip, for a quick burst of fun or relaxation.

Moreton Island features an untouched nature, four tiny towns, sand dunes, endless sandy coast with deep blue waters, biodiverse national park and much more.

This makes the island very attractive since there are many places to explore and adventurous activities to immerse in.

Countless day tours departing from Brisbane to Moreton Island are organized each day offering various activities. It’s crucial for visitors to know the options and what kind of experience each tour provides.

Relaxing on the beautiful sandy beach sounds like a proper way to escape the hustle and noise of the city?

A beach day cruise is a great day tour for visitors who want to relax and enjoy the resort facilities on paradise island. Visitors can pick between two departing times; 7 or 10 am from Brisbane and can expect a departure from the island around 4 pm.

The whole day tour lasts for around 7 hours, and visitors can enroll in countless activities using all the facilities of Tangalooma resort. The tour includes a return boat cruise through Moreton Bay, a pass to Tangalooma resort and all of its facilities including swimming pool and bars, few free drinks, lunch voucher and animal feeding show.

Classic Day Cruise

This day tour is often fully-booked since it fills visitors with adventure while providing with countless options and freedom when it comes to activities. Departure starts from 7 am from Brisbane and expecting depart from the island is around 4 pm.

What makes this day tour amazing is the fact visitors can tailor the activities to suit their preferences. Booking this tour enables people using all the facilities of Tangalooma resort, free drinks and lunch included.

Not to forget, visitors can pick between various organized activities like a desert tour, sand tobogganing, snorkeling around famous Tangalooma wrecks, whale watching or driving the jet boat.

Snorkelling Day Trip From Brisbane

Moreton Island is the home of a rich and diverse marine life which includes more than 200 species of fish and artistic coral population. Exploring Tangalooma shipwrecks will leave visitors speechless since snorkeling around these famous wrecks won’t be special without exciting marine life.


The tour starts from 7am and returning from the island is expected around 4pm.

Like all tours, booking this one gives the access to all Tangalooma resort facilities, free drinks, and lunch voucher prepared by local cooks. A short drive from the resort to shipwreck is included as well as the full snorkel equipment and professional tour guide.

Visitors can expect to stumble upon majestic sea turtles, wobbegong sharks, flocks of dolphins and many other species of fish.

Dolphin Feeding Tours

This day tour from Brisbane offers visitors a very long and breathtaking experience on Moreton Island. The whole tour lasts for around 10 hours and its visitors can expect a watching and feeding a stunning family of dolphins while overlooking the colorful sunset falling over Moreton Bay.

Booking this day tour visitors have access to all Tangalooma resort facilities including swimming pool, restaurant, and bars. What makes this day tour special is the possibility of tailoring the day by one’s preferences.

Visitors can pick between five activities that won’t leave any adventurous soul disappointed.

Every tour is carefully lead by the team of professional guides who are very passionate about teaching visitors about the marine life and techniques of snorkeling.


Whale Watching Tours

A considerable population of whales happily swims around Moreton Bay which makes a whale watching day tour very attractive to visitors who want to experience the presence of these beautiful and calm animals.

All tours start from Brisbane in the morning and depart from Moreton island around 4pm. What makes this tour unique is the scenic 3-hour ride in a catamaran that gives a chance to a visitor to see the whales and countless other beautiful fish species.

Another surprising fact about this day tour is that money-back is guaranteed if the visitors don’t see any whale.

whale watching

Snacks, drinks, and lunch are served to visitors on the catamaran and once landed to Moreton islands, visitors can enjoy the Tangalooma resorts’ facilities.

The tour has a heartwarming purpose as the company donates $5 for each whale spotted during the tour. During the last year, Tangalooma resort donated about $7500 to support the kid cancer projects.

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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