Explore Moreton Island's Best Beaches

Are you thinking of a quick beach getaway? Something close to Brisbane, with some of the best beaches?

Located on the coast of South East Queensland, and to the Eastern side of Moreton Bay, Moreton Island has a number of breathtaking secluded beaches that one can explore.

Moreton Island is renowned for its wide range of sandy beaches that offer a serene environment for getaways, honeymoons and family outings. Several beaches within Moreton Island have been listed as the top beaches in Queensland.

Moreton Island's Best Beaches

Positioned right between Moreton Bay and Moreton Island is the beautiful Tangalooma Beach.

Tangalooma Beach consists of very calm waters and white sand thus providing a tranquil setting for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

In the evenings, a family of wild dolphins swims to the shores, and visitors get an opportunity to feed them and take memorable photos.

Visitors touring Tangalooma beach will get accommodation and food from the Tangalooma Beach Resort which is just a few meters away.

Honeymoon Bay is another beach found in Moreton Island. Folks seeking to explore Moreton Island need to visit this half-moon-shaped beach for an exciting experience.

Honeymoon Bay Moreton Island

Located between the North Point and the rocky Cape Moreton, Honeymoon Bay is just about 50 meters wide. Honeymoon Bay is a great swimming spot and due to its deserted nature, also a great place to hold family picnics and honeymoon vacations.

The dazzling view of the open ocean waters creates a great background for memorable photos.

The Eastern Surfside on the Eastern side of Moreton Island is made of more than 25 kilometers of shoreline making it an ideal place in Moreton Island. The locals refer to it as the Surfside because the beachfront is open allowing for great waves that encourage surfing activities.

Visitors touring the Eastern Surfside will also enjoy the captivating view of the ocean waves as they chill and breathe the refreshing and cool ocean air.

No tourist should leave Moreton Island without visiting the Northern Beach. The beach comprises of 11 kilometers of Moreton Island’s northern shoreline.

The Northern beach is dynamic as it continually changes its form when the sand moves around North Point and is pushed along the beach by waves.

The northern beach is a great and safe swimming area for visitors that tour Moreton Island. The 11 kilometers of open beach also offers a spectacular view of the open ocean water and expose visitors to the refreshing ocean breeze.

In front of Bulwer; a township found in the north-western part of Moreton Island is the Bulwer beach.

The white sandy beach offers calm and clear blue ocean water. Bulwer beach extends 8.5 kilometers long and has several shipwrecks near the edge. Due to the calm waters, Bulwer beach is a good swimming and fishing ground for visitors that wish to explore that part of Moreton Island.

The wrecks also offer an opportunity for visitors to engage in snorkeling as they explore flora and fauna underneath the ocean water. From the Bulwer beach, visitors can also view the incredible sunset as it falls behind the mainland mountain ranges.

Back through the lanes of history, not many beaches remind folks of the Second World War.

Cowan Cowan Beach located within Moreton Island was during the Second World War used as a bunker. The beach acts as a great source of knowledge for people that need more information about the Second World War.

Cowan Cowan beach due to its sandy nature also provides a safe and serene environment for children to play as it is closed off to vehicle traffic.

Map of Moreton Island

Explore more with our Moreton Island map and find your way around Australia’s world famous sand island. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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